What is Foodie Sauce?

Vito's Foodie Sauce is Creamy Garlic Gourmet Goodness that goes on just about anything!

You can slather it on juicy Burgers, Salads, Chicken, Subs, Wings, Tacos, Fries, Veggies, you name it!   A Foodie Sauce fan recently told us that Vito's made her pizza taste amazing!  True story.  "It adds a sweet garlic layer that's not overpowering and took it from good to next level!"

Point is, there's no one way to Foodie Sauce. Whatever you choose, Vito’s Creamy Garlic Foodie Sauce will make your meal Chicago Delicious.




Foodie Sauce pays tribute to the Creamy Garlic Dressing once found in every Chicago Eatery...Made with simple, all natural Gluten Free ingredients and tons of fresh garlic, Foodie Sauce is the perfect topping for any meal. 

Drench your fries, your Italian Beef, your...WHATEVER! It's Time to Treat Yourself!


Follow Vito as he brings Foodie Sauce to the world! Soon you'll be able to get foodie sauce brought right to your home!

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